Zaterdag 22 augustus 2020 – 21:00

Double Feature Motel Opgedoekt: Thunder Road

Voor deze double feature weekender werkt Chasing Reels samen met Opgedoekt, bij KANTIEN Utrecht.
Samen delen we twee Amerikaanse indiefilms:

🎞 Thunder Road

🎞 To the Stars

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🎞 Thunder Road

Based on the short film with the same title that won no less than thirteen international awards, the film Thunder Road (written, directed and performed by Jim Cummings) makes you cry and laugh at the same time. This touching ‘dramedy’ impresses from the jaw-dropping 10 minutes opening shot, when police officer Arnaud comes to grips with his mom’s death giving a heartfelt eulogy at her funeral. A true gem.
director: Jim Cummings | country: USA | year: 2018

🎞 To the Stars

To the Stars is a beautifully shot film set in 1960s Oklahoma. Iris Deerborne’s world changes completely when Maggie appears and an unlikely relationship between the two develops. While spending more time with her, Iris discovers more about the tragedy that caused Maggie to move to Wakita. Meanwhile, Iris has her own coming-of-age arc as she discovers more about herself and the secretive nature of people that surround her. A mesmerizing and almost mystical film. This screening is in black and white.
director: Martha Stephens | country: USA | year: 2019

Practical information:
• Location: KANTIEN, Ravellaan 96, Utrecht
• All films are English subtitled or English spoken.
• Tickets are online available or at the location. Make sure you have your ticket in time.
• Doors open 21:00, start film 21:30.
• Come in time, as KANTIEN has a special program for you in store
before the screening.
• If the weather lets us down, we’ll do our best to find a new date for this screening.

“Ik ga graag naar internationale filmfestivals en zie daar zoveel fantastische films die in Nederland nooit in de bioscoop draaien, daar wil ik met Chasing Reels verandering in brengen”
– Cedric Muyres

Chasing Reels is een nieuwe curator binnen de internationale onafhankelijke film scene. Een filmprogramma met de beste nieuwe indie films die volgens ons iedereen moet zien! Films die je anders niet, of pas veel later ziet. Het doel van initiatiefnemer (en filmliefhebber) Cedric Muyres is events organiseren om de indie film scene te vieren.